Our Products

Fish Meal


It is an excellent, high quality protein source, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA. The protein of the fish meal has a high...

Feather Meal

The hydrolyzed feather meal is used for all kinds of cattle, birds and specially pisciculture. After going through a suitable process...

Meat Bone Meal

The meat bone meal is a product which is usually used in the development of bird, pig and pet food. It is a very good...


Tallow a fat product that consists of triglycerides. The tallow  produced by La Loma is high quality and it is produced...

Benefits of Our Products



Fast Growth


Fast growth and better conversion of the food, resulting in cheaper production cost.



Increase of Inmmunity


Increase of immunity and less loss of growth because of diseases, including vaccines.


Increase in Productivity

Higher resistance to diseases, improves fertility, in females and males. Increases the composition of fat in meat; DHA and EPA in the meat.